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The North Bay area is a special place, and real estate here has special concerns. When you are making transactions or trying to resolve a property dispute in the North Bay, it is important to seek out help from a real estate lawyer with experience in the law and the region.

As a real estate attorney in the North Bay, I seek to help individuals and business clients with whatever issues they need. I work with both commercial and residential real estate, and in both litigation and transactional matters. Unlike some real estate law offices, I also have extensive experience with land use and zoning issues.

The real estate market in Northern California is always tough, and high prices mean higher risk. The cost of anything going wrong can be disastrous. I help clients make sure their transactions sit on a solid legal foundation. When disputes arise, I help my clients find the most effective and efficient ways of resolving them, protecting their investments for many years to come.

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Roots In Napa County

I have been a real estate attorney in St. Helena, California, for more than 20 years, and have lived in Napa County for more than three decades. Before becoming a lawyer, I was a wine maker, and I developed a deep knowledge of the area, its people, its land, its agriculture and industry.

I bring that knowledge and experience with me when I help clients with real estate issues. I know what issues to watch for when reviewing documents, and what approaches can work best when resolving disputes.

Most importantly, I know what is important to my clients, and I work hard to help them reach their goals.

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