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As a real estate and land use attorney in St. Helena, California, I help individuals and businesses make better investments, develop, use and protect their property and resolve disputes. I represent buyers, sellers, developers and other clients with agricultural, commercial and residential real estate transactions, projects and operations primarily in Napa County and the North Bay Area.

I have seen how Napa County and the San Francisco Bay Area have grown and changed through good times and bad, and how good legal representation in real estate and land use law can make a huge difference for businesses and people’s lives.

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Real Estate Law Is All I Do

As with all endeavors, attention to detail and a keen eye for existing and potential problems are the key to minimizing headaches down the road. Because I focus on real property in all its dimensions, I have the experience and knowledge to correct small issues before they turn into big problems. When my clients face disputes over boundaries, easements, zoning or other issues, I find the most effective and cost-efficient means of resolving them, so that they can protect their investments and enjoy their property long into the future.

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